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The Imperative Need for the Conversation


A few years back, I was raiding a friend’s bookcase when I came across Hill Harper’s The Conversation. After reading the back cover I decided it may be worth the read. Boy was I right!

First let me say this is a very good read! Mr. Harper does a fantastic job of breaking down the barriers that hinder men and women from understanding one another.

Hill tackles topics such as the breakdown of the black family structure, the difference between sex and intimacy, bridging the communication gap, self-worth and net worth and why you should never settle for an unworthy partner, etc.

This book also contains great excerpts of conversations about love and relationships between Hill and some of his colleagues and friends.


Would I recommend this book?

YES! This is a great read for anyone who is currently in a relationship or looking to begin one.

My take away

Reading this text left me emotional drained and I mean that in the greatest way possible. I experienced a number of emotions as I moved through this text. It forced me to take a hard look at the choices that I’ve made concerning relationships and take responsibility for the part that I played in their demise. Often times when you are the one to be hurt, we automatically begin playing the victim. We replay all the things our former partners have put us through over and over in our heads but often never even consider what we have put ourselves through. When we stay when we know we should leave, when we sleep with someone thinking that will somehow make them love us, we cause ourselves pain. I was and will forever be inspired by the words of this book. I am hopeful and determined.

If you are looking for a book that breaks down the structure of relationships and provides helpful strategies to overcome common pitfalls; this book is for you. Hill does an amazing job of painting the picture of successful black relationships in a time when the black family structure is at its weakest. Currently only, 34% African-American children are raised in two-parent households. Whether you’re black, white or brown, women and men alike can benefit greatly from this. This text doesn’t just give you a better understanding of what’s necessary for a successful relationship, thus a successful family life, it also help you learn more about yourself and the importance of being a whole person.

Hill Harper’s The Conversation is definitely worth the read. This text is a beacon of hope that say black love and relationships can be successful. It is victorious in all that it has set out to accomplish. I would like to send a personal thank you to Mr. Hill Harper writing the most inspiring text I’ve have read in quite some time. It is daring, courageous and bold. And for that sir I commend you.

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading this book, what were some key points that resonated with you?